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Blogs and WebsitesBlogs are ubiquitous, covering everything from fashion to politics to food. Of course, business is no exception. We read a lot of blogs and website to stay current with the issues facing women, particularly executives, in the business world. Here are five of our favorites.

The Glass Hammer: One of our favorite blogs with content catered specifically to female executives and issues relating to them. Recently, posts have talked about increasing personal productivity, myths of gender balance, and motivating your team during review time.

Kare Anderson via LinkedIn: Many writers and influencers are beginning to use LinkedIn’s publishing platform to share thoughts and ideas. Anderson, a speaker and columnist, writes posts centering around careers (not specifically for women) and life advice. Some recent posts cover connecting through social media, motivating employees, and turning negative situations into good.

Ellevate: Sallie Krawcheck, a veteran of the financial services industry, acquired the networking site, 85 Broads, and re-branded it Ellevate. Still a networking resource, Ellevate has local chapters and publishes articles aimed at professional women. Krawcheck recently expanded into investing with the Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Index Fund, which invests in companies committed to “advancing women.”

Forbes Women is a blog within the larger Forbes site and does a good job of balancing its content, with coverage of health issues, the financial world, and entrepreneurship, among many others.

MAKERS is a mostly video-driven website with interviews of successful women in areas as diverse as education, the arts, and business. In addition to the website, MAKERS created a documentary called Women Who Made America, which aired on PBS. Interviewees include Hilary Clinton and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

There are many sites out there to choose from to stay apprised of women’s issues. We would love to hear from you: what business blogs do you make a point to read?

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