Last week I shared the good news that a previous WE interviewee, Christine Hurtsellers, had been named to the Money Management Executive inaugural list of the ‘Top Women in Asset Management.’ It gives me great pleasure to share that another past WE Interviews subject, Karla Rabusch, the president of Wells Fargo Advantage Funds, was also among the ten women recognized.

I had a wonderful conversation with Karla in September of 2012 and came away from the encounter with great respect for her commitment to pushing for workplace diversity and encouraging open dialogue. She was refreshingly candid during our interview and offered many wonderful insights on the value of gender balance, accepting jobs that force you to stretch, and maintaining one’s integrity in the workplace. Among Karla’s observations:

  • “A diverse organization is a good thing because it brings a diversity of perspectives to the table, which is very helpful for sound decision making.”

  •  “I encourage people to openly share their differing views. I tell my team that silence is acceptance. If you don’t talk, then I’ll have to assume you agree.”

  •  “”When I speak of integrity, I’m talking about the ethical aspect of it, but integrity encompasses more than that. It means leading by example, walking the talk, being consistent and transparent, and treating people with respect.”

Click here to read my full interview with Karla.

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