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The Fiduciary Rule is Dead; Now What?

July 16th, 2018|Trends in Asset Management|

On March 15, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals found that the Department of Labor overstepped its authority by attempting to regulate financial advice and advisors. Moreover, the requirements to remain in compliance were “unreasonable.” The fiduciary rule was finally vacated on June 21 after the deadline for appeals passed. [...]

The Practical Implications of Pay Transparency

July 16th, 2018|Gender Balance|

One solution to closing the gender pay gap is pay transparency. Publishing compensation clearly shows both employees and management where the disparities lie. Yet, the entrenched belief that salary information should be kept private may prevent the use of a powerful tool to ameliorate pay disparities. […]

Can Men Mentor Women in the Age of #Metoo?

June 8th, 2018|Gender Balance|

The #metoo movement sparked a cultural conversation about harassment and power dynamics in both Hollywood and the larger society. What of the business world? It appears there is growing concern among men who mentor women in the workplace. As individuals struggle to adjust to a highly sensitized environment, male leaders [...]

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