In July of this year, leading global asset management firm Pioneer Investments announced that Lisa M. Jones had been named Head of the U.S., serving as President and Chief Executive Officer of Pioneer Investment Management USA Inc. Prior to joining Pioneer Investments, Jones served as Global Head of Distribution and President of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, where I interviewed her for the WE Interviews series in the fall of 2012.

At the time of our interview, I was struck by Jones’ focus, dedication and generosity of spirit. Here are just a few of the insights she shared over the course of our conversation:

  • “I was able to prioritize more effectively when I accepted that there really is no such thing as {work/life} balance. The crucial thing is to focus on what is most important at that very moment.”
  • “Be completely prepared for every meeting and every scenario. This industry is very competitive and it is very hard to change the initial perception that someone has of you.”

  •  “Once you feel comfortable you have to push forward because you’ve outgrown the opportunity you’re in.”

Click here to read my full interview with Lisa.

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