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Talking about gender diversity in corporate leadership can sometimes be an uncomfortable conversation. Companies may feel put on the defensive about justifying who makes up their leadership. Though women occupy half of the jobs in the professional sector, they remain immensely underrepresented in the upper echelons of corporate management. Most in the corporate world aspire to achieve equality for women in the workplace. In fact, most U.S. companies indicate they are “very committed” to this goal and taking action to realize it.* But companies still have a long way to go in making their commitment a priority.

Is Gender Balance a Priority in Your Firm?

In conducting executive searches, we believe in pursuing the best talent regardless of gender. However, in today’s environment, the pipeline of women for executive roles has been less than robust. That’s why in early 2012, ECK Consulting announced the exciting launch of WE – Women Executives. This division specializes in the recruitment of senior-level female executives in Asset and Wealth Management.

As a woman-owned business, ECK Consulting has always been dedicated to increasing women’s representation in senior management and in the boardroom. The WE – Women Executives division provides clients with access to the largest global database of executive women in Asset and Wealth Management. Our intent is to build a network and community of experienced executives in an effort to ensure that women are well represented as part of the diverse slate of candidates we present for each and every search we undertake.

Over the past thirty years, ECK Consulting has helped many clients to create a greater gender balance in their senior management as part of a strategic business imperative. Diversity within a corporation’s senior leadership drives profitable growth. Recruiting qualified women executives should not be viewed as an ethical or moral issue – it is just good business sense.

For information on how to partner with ECK Consulting and gain access to top female executives, contact Ellen Kinlin at 508-420-1165 or eck@kinlin.com

*Women in the Workplace 2017 study conducted by McKinsey & Company and LeanOn.org

The WE Interview series features some of the most talented women in Asset and Wealth Management. Through these interviews we provide an opportunity to have an honest and helpful conversation about the challenges and benefits of being a woman in this industry. Interviewees share their struggles, triumphs and most importantly, their advice on how to build a successful career in the world of Asset and Wealth Management.

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