Fatigued by the Fight for Gender Equality?

Most in the corporate world aspire to achieve equality for women in the workplace. In fact, most U.S. companies indicate they are "very committed" to this goal and taking action to realize it, notes McKinsey & Company in its third annual 'Women in the Workplace' report, developed in collaboration with LeanIn.Org.

Yet women currently comprise only 20 percent of C-Suite executives in

the U.S. - yes, we are making progress, but the needle is moving slowly.

With this in mind, how do we maintain momentum in moving toward the

goal of gender equity?

  • Make a compelling case for gender diversity. Demonstrate your

    commitment clearly so that employees know gender diversity is a


  • Invest in more employee training. Offer employees bias training, so

    when they see it in the workplace, they can respond


  • Give managers the means to drive change. Help managers

    understand the scope of the problem and give them the tools to

    address it.

  • Ensure that hiring, promotions, and reviews are fair. Evaluate

    hiring and review processes, track outcomes and set gender

    targets so that goals are clear and progress can be assessed.

  • Give employees the flexibility to fit work into their lives. Look for

    ways to help employees balance work and family.

  • Focus on accountability and results. Place more emphasis on

    tracking, targets, and transparency.

To read the full report, click here.

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