For Bain & Company’s worldwide chief talent officer Russ Hagey, recruiting, attracting and retaining women is critically important. In a recent interview with Rozelle Laha of LiveMint, Hagey shared his thoughts on securing top talent, regardless of gender:

“In our services business, the compensation levels are same for similar designations, irrespective of their gender. Evaluation, compensation and job definition remain same.

Globally, companies need to both recruit and attract and retain women in business. Leadership teams must be highly attuned to the women population and constantly look for signals on discrimination. Focus on moments of truth, if you aren’t careful enough you might have problems creep in.

One must put lot of efforts towards identifying areas of unconscious bias and try to make sure that they don’t let slip into language choice in day-to-day practices. Think of areas where there might be unconscious bias. This is one of the areas we take seriously at Bain & Company.”

To read Hagey’s full interview with LiveMint, click here.

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