What is Well-being?
"Who doesn't want to have less stress, more flexibility, a more human approach to dealing with the demands of work and life?"
This is the question posed by Jennifer Fisher, National Managing

Director of Well-being at Deloitte, in a recent LinkedIn post. Wellbeing is tied to inclusion, Fisher asserts, which is why Deloitte views its Empowered Well-being approach as a key component of the company's inclusive culture.

Fisher makes a compelling argument. Among her observations:

  • "...All the flextime in the world isn't going to help you feel engaged with your work if you don't have a sense of purpose. And without financial well-being, your emotional well-being may suffer."
  • "...in many cases, the birth mother is only half the parental equation-so Deloitte offers the same 16 weeks of paid family leave to eligible fathers and non-birth parents regardless of whether a new child joins that family via birth or adoption. And when we say "family" we don't just mean parents. Our eligible employees that don't have children can also use family leave to take care of a parent, sibling, or spouse with a serious health condition."
  • "Every one of us can be a role model by being transparent and supporting each other. We all have a mutual investment in well-being our own and our colleagues."

What opportunities do you see for promoting greater well-being in your organization?

To read the post in its entirety, click here.

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