Millennials: Disrupting the status quo

Millennials: they're challenging the status quo in every aspect of society, including the corporate sector.

After analyzing three years' worth of data, Deloitte found that Millennials are redefining the way in which we work by prioritizing purpose-driven work. Millennials, says Deloitte, "want to be all in without sacrificing the flexibility to be who they are at work and live a fulfilling life outside of it." And they're seeking technology that enables the innovation, collaboration, and flexibility they need to realize these goals.

Among the report's key findings regarding Millennials' beliefs:

  • PURPOSE - Pursuit of profit is important, but it isn't the sole driver.
  • TECHNOLOGY - Increased tech enhances work fulfillment.
  • SKILLS ALIGNMENT - Organizations could do more to leverage their talents.
  • INNOVATION - Innovation is important and senior management needs to get on board.
  • WELL-BEING - Flexibility and a better work/life balance are big inducements to stay with an organization.

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