Trust has become a high priority

Trust.. it's a high priority issue these days. Since the financial crisis of 2008, trust has catapulted into the limelight and the impact on CEOs has been significant. Below, a few intriguing takeaways on the issue from PwC's recently released 20th CEO Survey:

  • 69% of CEOs think that, in an increasingly digitalized world, it's harder for businesses to gain - and retain - people's trust.
  • 87% of CEOs believe social media could have a negative impact on the level of trust in their industry over the next five years.
  • CEOs are particularly anxious that breaches in data security and ethics as well as IT outages and disruptions could impair public trust in their industry.
  • Two-thirds of CEOs think automation and artificial intelligence pose a threat.
  • 64% of CEOs think the way their firm manages data will be a differentiating factor in future.

Bottom line? If forfeiting people's trust is a sure-fire way to fail, then earning their trust is the best way to enable success.

Click here to read this fascinating report in full.

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