6 Things Every Mentor Should Do

In light of all the recent discussion of mentors and sponsors, I found Harvard Business Review's recent article, "Six Things Every Mentor Should Do," enlightening.

According to Vineet Chopra, MD and Sanjay Saint, MD - there are six things every mentor should consider:

  1. Choose mentees carefully. Having the wrong mentee can be painful, as the relationship takes time and energy. Ensure that you choose a mentee who is committed, organized and motivated.
  2. Establish a mentorship team. A myriad of skills and knowledge are needed in business and often difficult to acquire from a single individual.
  3. Run a tight ship. The mentor role does not need to take an enormous amount of time - make sure to establish firm and clear ground rules.
  4. Head off rifts...or resolve them. Smart mentors do not allow sores to fester or spats to escalate, they intervene early to keep the relationship on track.
  5. Don't commit mentorship malpractice. As a mentor, you are in the dominant position, so it's important not to wield your power inappropriately; doing so can have negative career consequences for both parties.
  6. Prepare for the transition. A mentor's knowledge and experience should be passed on. Good mentors make the transition process a conscious one, discussing challenges and satisfactions of mentorship with mentees.

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